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Dr. Neelkanth Shere,  Professor and Head Marathi Department

A recognized research guide with more than 32 yrs experience in undergraduate teaching and 27 yrs experience in postgraduate teaching, Dr. Neelkanth Shere’s research interests include Dalit Literature, Marxist Literature, Modern Marathi Literatures and Criticism. He has worked on Dalit ideological literature, Dictionary of Dalit & Rural Literature, Criticism and has applied theories of Postcolonialism, Postmodernism, Marxism, Cultural theory to different texts. His Ph.D. thesis was on the topic " Post-Ambedkar Dalit Ideological Literature". He has written books like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Dalit ideological literature (डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर आणि दलित वैचारिक साहित्य), Ambedkarism (आंबेडकरवाद), Agatik Vartman (अगतिक वर्तमान), Namdev Dhasal yanche chintan (नामदेव ढसाळ यांचे चिंतन).

Dr. Mohsin Ali Khan,  Professor and Head of Hindi Department

Professor Dr. Mohsin Ali Khan (HOD HINDI) has been serving in the field of higher education for 19 years. A research guide since 2013, one student has completed Ph.D. under his direction. Presently 08 researchers are pursuing Ph.D. under his direction. Professor Mohsin Ali Khan not only contributes to the field of higher education but is also a well-known writer. So far, 17 books written and edited by him have been published. More than 40 of his research papers have been published in UGC CARE listed journals, whereas 60 research papers and articles have been published in other peer reviewed and refereed journals. Prof. Khan is a subject expert in Literature - Special expert in medieval literature, criticism, Devanagari script, Hindi language and information technology, Hindi drama and modern poetry in Hindi. Prof. Khan has been working as a member of the Board of Studies in Hindi, University of Mumbai. So far, he has received four major awards.

Dr. Prashant Anil Chate,  Assistant Professor in Chemistry

He is a recognized research guide of Mumbai University and JJTU, Rajasthan with more than 18 year’s experience in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Dr. Prashant Anil Chate has published 66 research publications mostly in Springer and Elsevier. He is reviewer of more than 10 international journals. The title of his thesis is ‘Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Mixed Chalcogenide Thin Films’. His research interest includes thin films, nanomaterials, semiconducting materials, mixed oxides, and solar cell materials. Thin films of chalcogenide and mixed chalcogenide materials play a central role in the development of modern technology, mainly in novel optical and electronic devices. These compounds have attractive properties for optoelectrical applications, especially solar cells and detectors for optical communication. Currently exploring how best to use structural, optoelectronic, chemical, morphological and electrical conductivity information in order to guide evolutionary searches for better photoelectrode for solar cells. This will boost the discovery of new material for solar cell development. The morphology of thin films can be easily controlled.

Dr. Prem Bhagwan Acharya,  Associate Professor and Head of Department

A recognize research guide with more than 15 years teaching experience in undergraduate and 4 years teaching experience in postgraduate. Farmers being his intimate subject, therefore he chose “Farmers' Suicide in Vidarbha and Hon. Prime Minister's Package and Rajya Vidarbha Package-A Socio and Economic Study (Regarding Six Districts)” for the Ph.D. subject and awarded in September 2016. He has participated in many state, national and international level seminars and presented research papers as well as published research papers in many national journals. He has special interest in the social and economic issues related to the poor people, laborers, workers, farmers and his regular struggle to solve these problems is going on. Currently two students are doing Ph.D. and two students are in the process of Ph.D. registration under his guidance.

Dr. Preeti V. Phate,  Head and Assistant Professor in Botany

Dr. Preeti V. Phate is a Gold Medallist from the Nagpur University and is working as a Head and Assistant Professor in Botany since 2009. She is a recognised Ph.D. Guide in Botany at J.S.M. College, Alibag Raigad. She has 14 years of teaching experience. Under her guidance 3 students are registered for Ph.D. Her area of research is “Biodiversity and Taxonomic and Agar culture studies of Myxomycetes”. She also contributed in documentation of wetlands for Alibag and Murud region for Government of Maharashtra in year 2019. She also documented Flora of Alibag and reported new distribution of some plant species from the Alibag area.

Dr. Pravin Babasaheb Gaikwad,  Assistant Professor in English

Dr. Pravin Babasaheb Gaikwad working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, J. S. M. College, Alibag since 1st February 2014. He is recognized as Ph.D. Guide in English at B. N. N. College, Bhiwandi, University of Mumbai. Under his guidance 3 students are registered for PhD. His PhD thesis is on topic 'The Rhetoric of Power, Violence and Colonization in J. M. Coetzee's selected Novels'. He is interested in African literature and American literature. He has completed Minor Research Project entitled "To Study the Problem of Communication in English among U.G. Students in Selected Colleges of Raigad District” sanctioned by University of Mumbai.

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