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College Profile

      Janata Shikshan Mandal's Smt. Indirabai G. Kulkarni Arts College, J. B. Sawant Science College and Sau. Janakibai D. Kunte Commerce College, popularly known as J.S.M. College, was established in the year 1961. The college is a reputed educational institution, which has been known for producing outstanding students who take on different careers, as per their academic merit, successfully in the society. Mumbai University awarded the ‘Best College Award’ to the college in 2019.

       Our college is the pioneering senior college in Raigad district. Beginning with the dynamic leadership of Adv. Datta Patil and later under the effective guidance of Shri. Sanjay Datta Patil and Shri. Ajit Shah, the college has reached a stage of academic excellence. Presently, the college has state-of-art infrastructure including administrative block, lecture complex, well-equipped laboratories, and rich library all in a serene 5-acre campus right beside the seashore. Apart from regular B.A. (Marathi, English, Hindi, Economics, Politics, Geography) B.Sc. (Botany, Chemistry, Physics) and B.Com. courses, we also have professional courses of B.Sc. (C.S.), B.Sc. (I.T.), B.M.S., post-graduate courses in Chemistry, Botany, Marathi and Hindi along with Ph.D. centres in Botany and Hindi.

      We have 14 classes requiring lecturing area of 120 seats each. To meet the demand, we have 11 classrooms which are utilized in 2 shifts to accommodate these 14 classes. We also have 23 classes requiring lecturing area between 20 to 60 seats each. To cater to this demand, we have 25 rooms of requisite size. As for laboratory space, standard practical batch size is 25 students and these batches are conducted in 3 schedules everyday across 5 science departments. We have 15 laboratories of adequate size utilized by these 5 departments in two schedules per day in order to accommodate average 1000 students across all the departments.

      We have provided in all 22000 sq. ft. work area in the above 18 laboratories. Apart from that, we have a separate geography lab of 1200 sq. feet area where average 300 geography students can do their practical work. We have one of the richest libraries in all the three Konkan districts with 68092 textbooks and reference books for the annual average student strength of 3000. These books are stacked on well-equipped three floors of 2000 sq. feet area each. As for computing facility, we have 120 Desktops available in three schedules per day spread over all the science departments. They are preferably used by the Information Technology, Computer Science and Physics students, whose curricula demand extensive use of the desktops. Average students’ strength in these 3 departments is 400 per year. Thus, we are at par with minimum specified requirements with respect to classrooms, laboratories and computing equipment.

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