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The Department of Cultural Activities stands as a beacon of artistic empowerment and personal growth within our institution. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing the artistic qualities of our students, we have cultivated an environment where creativity flourishes, talents are discovered, and self-confidence is cultivated. The resounding success achieved by our college students in cultural programs is a testament to the dedication and passion that permeates through every facet of our department.

At the heart of our mission lie several key objectives, each aimed at enriching the lives of our students and preparing them for a future illuminated by the vibrant tapestry of cultural expression.

Features of the Cultural Activities Department:

• Encouragement of Student Participation: The department actively encourages students to participate in various cultural competitions, fostering a spirit of involvement and enthusiasm among them.

• Platform for Talent Exploration: It provides a platform for students to showcase and explore their hidden talents and hobbies, allowing them to express themselves creatively and develop their artistic abilities.

• Development of Self-Confidence: Through cultural activities and performances, the department aims to instil self-confidence in students, helping them overcome stage fright and develop poise and assurance in their abilities.

• Promotion of Personal Development: The department focuses on personal development by nurturing qualities such as teamwork, leadership, communication skills, and creativity through cultural activities and events.

• Enhancement of Professional Qualities: Students are provided opportunities to develop professional qualities such as discipline, dedication, time management, and adaptability through their involvement in cultural activities, preparing them for future endeavours.

• Career Guidance and Support: The department offers guidance and support to students interested in pursuing careers in cultural-based jobs or professions, providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help them achieve their career goals.

• Cultural Enrichment Programs: Organizing cultural enrichment programs, workshops, and seminars to expose students to diverse cultural traditions, practices, and art forms, fostering appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity.

• Collaboration with Industry Professionals: Collaborating with industry professionals, artists, and experts to provide students with insights into the professional world of cultural activities, facilitating networking and mentorship opportunities.

Aims and Objective of Cultural Activities:

• The Department of Cultural Activities has always been striving for the development of artistic qualities of the students. The success achieved by the college students in the cultural programme is certainly commendable. The department conducts various activities with the following objectives:

• To motivate the students for participation in various competitions based on cultural activities.

• To create a platform for the students to perform and to explore their hidden talents and hobbies.

• To create self-confidence and promote personal development.

• To enhance professional qualities in the students.

• To assist the students for career in the field of cultural based jobs/professions.


SR. No Faculty Name Faculty Post
1 Prof. Shweta Patil In-charge
2 Prof. Jayesh Mhatre Adviser, District Co-ordinator
3 Prof. Advait Ghatpande Members
4 Prof. Kapil Kulkarni Members
5 Prof. Simantini Thakur Members
6 Prof. Sachin Bhosatekar Members
7 Prof. Narendra Patil Members
8 Prof. Ashwini Athawale Members
9 Prof. Surabhi Wani Members
10 Prof. Vinayak Salunke Members
11 Prof. Pritam Satupe Members
12 Prof. Jaywanti Zaware Members
13 Prof. Shantanuraj Walde Members


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